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About Us

From Advertising to Market Research to Publishing to Medical Science documentary, Beeline has come a long way since its inception more than a decade ago. Committed to excellence we provide total solution to all your needs.

We are now stepping into the health care segment. Not just to try our hands at it, but to take our commitment to this field too. We promise to ‘deliver’ here too.

Today we live in the midst of an ocean of bacteria’s, viruses & other micro-organisms always looking for a means to debilitate us with their many means of wiliness. Medical Science researchers across the world are striving hard around the clock to counter these attacks. It is comforting to say that the researchers’ efforts are yielding positive results.

The Health care industry is undergoing a sea change. Technology has made both diagnosis & treatment simpler & easier. Gone are the days of pain & panic. Now people can access information on all aspects of medical science by a mere click of a mouse.

We at Beeline are providing a web portal containing names & addresses of the Medical fraternity with some valuable information on some aspects of health care. These information, we feel, might be useful to correlate the messages your body is sending & how fast you can act to reach your doctor.

Articles and information on this website www.doctorsdirectory4u.com is intended only as a reference and not as a ready reckoner for “Self Medication". Therefore if you feel that you have a medical problem, please consult your family doctor or a competent medical expert for their advice.

Lastly, we at Beeline will make sincere efforts to reach the underprivileged "Health care to all is our motto", and to reach them we need like minded People to join hands with us. We look forward to your positive response. Together we can make a difference.

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