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Beeline marketing the owner of this site www.doctorsdirectory4u.com & professionals who are offering services through the site accept no responsibilities for any medical, legal or outcomes related through the use of this site.

The website is not intended to treat a medical emergency or to resolve medico legal or financial issues outside the scope which has been agreed .

Information provided on this site should be used merely as guidance to any specific medical condition & cannot be taken or relied upon as substitute for professional medical advise.

Beeline marketing will not regularly review the posts on this site but will monitor the events to ensure the website is working. The information’s, articles provided on this site is approximate & Beeline Marketing will not claim or guarantee about the accuracy or completeness of the information on this site.

Beeline marketing nor any of its employees, partners & advertisers will not take any legal responsibility for incorrect or misleading information provided by any professional within this site.

Beeline marketing reserves the right to delete any account or information which is found unsuitable or false on this site for any reasons whatsoever.

All tips, guidance’s, advises provided on this site can be used at your own risk.

Beeline marketing will not endorse any product, service offered on the site & anybody doing so will be doing at their own risk.

The content on this portal www.doctorsdirectory4u.com is the sole copyright of Beeline marketing & any use of the same will amount to breach of copyright laws.

Beeline marketing makes no claim on the information, text, graphics, images; advertisements provided by the professionals & also will not be responsible for the information downloaded in any jurisdiction, whoever does so will be doing at their own risk.

Any dispute relating to the use of the site will be binding to the jurisdiction of Mysore courts of Mysore only.

All the material contents, graphics, images are provided by the professionals only & Beeline marketing will not take any responsibility for the copyright of the same whatsoever, however such content if brought to the notice of Beeline marketing will be deleted in due course of time.

Beeline marketing reserves the right to accept or reject any advertisements, articles on the site at any time without notice or liability. The contents on the website provided by Beeline marketing is for the use of online users as a reference to reach the Doctors, Hospitals, Nursing Homes etc., at their time of need.

The list of Doctors, Hospitals, Nursing homes & other health care service providers on this site is not at all intended to verify the credentials, academics or abilities of any person or organization. And the list also does not imply our recommendation, at the same time omissions in our site will not imply disregard or dissent. However the listings have been done with good intentions only.

Beeline marketing will not be liable for any damages whatsoever of any kind arising by the use of this website or its services. Disclaimer Policy: The information provided on this site by Beeline marketing is on as is available basis only. The listing & other data on this site has been gathered by Beeline marketing through its staff & personal contacts. We strive hard to provide up-to-date information but can’t guarantee that the same will be completely error free. In case if you come across any such inadequacies please submit the corrected, updated information.

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